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Everything ARM and LPC
By chutkapissudon
Hi everyone,
I have this Olimex LPC-E2468 board. I am a newbie in embedded system and I have been struggling with the board. I connected the board to my desktop using terminal and when I pressed RESET button, something about uClinux and busybox came up.
I read the release notes of the board on the olimex website and there are instructions to compile u-boot and uclinux. Do I have to compile uClinux and u-boot ? Is uClinux a sort of OS for the board? if yes, then how can i use it to develop appliacations ? Kindly help me about it, what to do with uClinux.

Thanks in advance
By mlu
If you get busybox inside uCliux in the terminal, then your board (or a sdcard it boots from) is set up with an OS, yes uClinux, and busybox suppling some useful utility functions. So you dont have to start compliling and installing busybox and uClinux. Try to work on using some exaple code on your board, and find out how it works before changing core stuff like bootloaders and OS's.

To develop applications the most common scenario is to have a cross development toolchain setup on your PC and compile programs there before downloading them to your board. This toolchain must be setup to use the same library versions as you have on your board. This is probably discussed in some of the documentation and the support forums.

These are general principles as I dont have that particular board, hope it helps a bit.

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