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Everything ARM and LPC
By magicfr

I'm a complete newbie in µcontroller dev.
I'm a professional dev in c,c++ for 15y, so get some knowledge in general soft dev.
I use Coocox Ide.

I don't have electronic background/knowledge , I know that's a big issue, but with some help. I think I can be able to dev on my blueboard.

Right now, The only things that hold me is how to plug the USB-FTDI dongle to trace/debug on the blueboard with Coocox IDE.

So I have this FTDI USb dongle, which I think is generic even if PIN's are setup for arduino.

So on the dongle I have 6 PINS

To be honnest, exept for GND ;) I don't have a clue what other PINs are :)

And on the blueboard LPC1768-H I don't know where to plug those PINs? Should I Wire all the pins ?

Here the LPC1768H schematics : ... 8_H_V2.pdf

Then If you can tell me how to configure CooCox IDE.

If you got link on step by step tutorial to start with I will be happy.

Thanks You

By tgil
I think you have the wrong dongle, but I can't be sure. I have never used CooCox but am pretty familiar with LPC17xx devices. You probably need a JTAG dongle and you have a serial (UART) dongle. CooCox has a list of FTDI compatible devices on their website.

The blueboard has a 20-pin JTAG connector that should be compatible with the dongle you get, but you will have to double check.
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