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Everything ARM and LPC
By fll-freak
Looking for a few pointer. I have been reading and trying to follow various instructions of the web for getting a free toolchain up and running for the ARM (m3) processor. At work I am an IAR user, but for home I can't afford it.

I seem to have Yagarto installed and can even compile code. I have not tried to download it yet. I will leave that for another day.

What I am trying to figure out is how to get Eclipse as my IDE. I installed Indigo CDT and created a new project and imported the files from a ARM7 project as per instructions here:

The trouble is when building it does not seem to find the compiler. I also noticed that I do not have the "-- other toolchain --" option.

How do I tell Eclipse what or where my toolchain is? I did find a tool chin editor, but it does not seem to have a simple mechanism to pick the chain.

So a few pointers might be nice as I would hate to work in VI as my IDE.

edit1: The error indicates that Eclpse can't find gcc when it should be trying to use: arm-none-eabi-gcc
By fll-freak
That link was the key. Thank you so much. With the hints here, I was able to install the Eclipse plugin that configured my installation to find the Yagarto ARM compiler. Now I seem to be up and running. Have not quire gotten my project to link, but it does compile!
By stevech
Eclipse/Yagarto is the hard road. Lot of time to invest in a tool. If your code is small (32KB or less), IAR and Keil have free versions. There's a non-commerical low cost IDE/GCC from Rowley. If you're using Atmel's ARM, their new Studio 6 is free.
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