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Everything ARM and LPC
By Marooned
I'm new to microprocessors just like a thousand other posts in here. I'm trying to create a linux based ARM board and am having trouble finding documentation on designing it. I'm either looking to make a custom carrier board for an SoC/CoM or build something from Breadboard then to PCB. I"m not sure where to start so I'm looking for documentation/books/reference designs/anything. I'm not sure what path would be easier, custom carrier board or develop with breadboard. I know that vendors create dev/eval boards but I've heard it's cheaper to create your own. I'm somewhat on a budget but am more interested in creating my own.

Any information would be grateful.
Thank you.
By stevech
Perhaps you want to do some web surfing.

Be aware that running embedded Linux limits what you can do easily in terms of I/O. Device drivers needed for a Linux-capable processor.
Linux embedded ill-advised if you just want a simple app or want to tinker with I/O things.
Depends on what you want to do.
By rmteo1
Marooned wrote:....I'm trying to create a linux based ARM board and am having trouble finding documentation on designing it.
By skimask
Seems like all of the sudden a lot of people are trying to copy and/or out-do the Pi.
I don't see it happening, at either the price point or the size point, for that matter, the outright power point (not ppt).
The only point I see happening is the "got it in my hands now instead of late July" point.
By stevech
The Raspberry Pi is first of breed, sub-$50 Linux complete with RAM and HDMI out.
If only they had a promise date for the one I ordered in April!
I was told that 200,000 or so have been ordered.
Price sells!
By rmteo1
stevech wrote:...I was told that 200,000 or so have been ordered.
Price sells!
Advertising stuff (and collecting orders) at ridiculously low prices is the easy part. The issue is being able to consistently deliver product as advertised. :think:
By stevech
yes... they had to know (but ignored) the likelihood that there'd be a zillion orders at their price-point which is less than lunch for two in Paris.
By rmteo1
Today, you can get a 7in. tablet computer such as this ... ablet.html for <$50. When you figure that the LCD/touchscreen, Li-Ion battery and mechanical components typically account for about 70% of the total BOM cost (look at iPad 2 BOM cost at, the raspberry pi should be <$15. :think:
By skimask
One thing a guy can't usually get when buying one of those cheap tablet computers is the ability to reliably and repeatedly solder and desolder all those multi-pin flat cable connections. Sure, it's not impossible to do with regular ol' hobbyist equipment, but it sure ain't easy. Be nice to have a source of easy to hook up 7+" touchscreen LCDs laying around for various projects.
By motopic
Not sure why people fixate on Linux, but why not look at this.
(linux is extremely 'fat' for micro-type SoC designs)

cortex m3 arm stamp module:

and ELua:

get the binary that already 'just works'.

My advice, if you really are new to micros, start with arduino or something. CortexM3 is very complicated, and my view is that the Pros use expensive dev tools because the ides hide a lot of that complexity.

If you are new, and still wish to climb this mountain, you must read the M3/M4 docs, and get Yagarto or CodeSourcery tools. And search, search, and search some more for all the details you need.
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