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Everything ARM and LPC
By stevech
Rowley's IDE is good, and uses free GCC. But their IDE isn't free.
Indeed, the good IDEs, that are good tools, aren't free.
In the ARM7 and Cortex world, there are a number of choices, including
IAR (my favorite) - expensive pro version, but free limited version (32KB as I recall).
Keil - same stature as IAR, also has a free version as I recall.
GCC mated with several free IDEs, like Eclipse - OK. But more time and effort on building tools than I want to spend. has an STM only ARM compiler. Their history of compilers is bad. Buggy libraries, years to fix bugs, etc. is neat... specialized hardware, free online compiler, quite a bit of library and user submitted code.

I thinmk those are the main ones.
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By leon_heller
Rowley provides their own libraries, rather than the standard gcc ones. A personal license is quite inexpensive. Support is excellent.
By angelsix
Ok I've got CrossWorks and Keil installed now and can connect the L discovery up to it and program it no problem so I am good to go starting on that.

Any good resource sites for sample codes and basic tutorials to get me started on porting over from Microchip?

The next question is basically how do you program the chips yourself? The dev board is obviously using another STM32 and I believe its basically an ST Link V2 setup? That's all good for now but I plan to make my own boards pretty soon and want a good top quality programmer/debugger.

From what I have gathered reading so far you can program the Cortex series using any of the interface pins (SPI, I2C, USART etc...) is that right? So I would get a programmer and it offers certain interface outputs I can wire to the chips? Or is that not quite right.

And on that note - any recommended programmers? The only one I have found from searching is a Segger J-Link.
By rmteo1
Why not use the ST-Link V2 (which is a SWD debugger/programmer) since you already have it?
By rmteo1
I just select "ST-Link" from the many targets supported by Rowley Crossworks.
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