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Everything ARM and LPC
By Jmeyer1292

My name is Jonathan and I'm a mechanical engineering college student who's been "thrown into the fire" of ARM programming.

I have the following pieces of hardware:

The STM32-LCD Development Board -

I'm attempting to use Crossworks CrossStudio for ARM 2.2 to program this device and one more proprietary device using the same micro controller as the demo board. I'm running two machines - a Windows Vista laptop and a Windows 7 desktop. I have not purchased a license for CrossWorks yet, but I intend to if I can make the trial connect to my device.

This has so far been an exercise in frustration because I have yet to "talk" to the damn development board. When I go into CrossWorks and choose the Olimex ARM-USB-Tiny device, the development board turns on all its LEDs, the LCD back lighting turns on, and the device is powered entirely through the JTAG (or the USB Mini - whichever I leave plugged in).

One of three errors also occurs:
1. CrossStudio says something to the effect of "Cannot identify target, please check JTAG connection and device power." When this error shows up, a white line flashes across the screen of the LCD.

2. CrossStudio says "read failed"

3. CrossStudio hangs up

I have tried setting up a FT2232 device as outlined on Olimex's website. I have also tried playing around with the clock divider and a few other settings to no avail. I have installed (and uninstalled) many different drivers from olimex's website and from FTDI's. It could be an issue with my JTAG or a device, I guess, but given that I'm a certified bonehead it's most likely an issue with me somehow.

I am in over my head and completely lost. I could really use any assistance you are capable of giving. If you don't know, but know who can help me - please point me in the right direction. I very much appreciate your time.
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By leon_heller
I think the problem is that the USB-Tiny-JTAG doesn't appear to support the SWD interface used with Cortex devices like the STM32. I use a CrossConnect, with the SWD attachment, for Cortex devices, with CrossStudio; it works very well. Olimex has been a bit naughty with their schematic, they show the connector with the standard JTAG signals, connected to the SWD pins on the STM32. Check with Olimex to make sure.
By hsutherl
I believe those pins should default to regular JTAG at power up. (I'm not sure how they get into SWD mode). I have a budget STM32 board with similar connections that works fine with an Olimex Arm-USB-OCD interface (purchased from Spark-Fun).

A thread on the Crossworks site that might be worth looking into: ... onnections

The nTRST mask and output value mentioned don't look familar to me - perhaps they are specific to Crossworks. I've only used the interface with OpenOCD.
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