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Everything ARM and LPC
By mindthomas
ColdStart wrote:one more thing.
in the project build options, settings. Assembler and C compiler Target, i see that Software Implementation is selected for Floating Point. And i cant change it. those menus are disabled. Maybe thats the problem? and why cant i change that?
You can't change these options in the Lite version of the software.
Software Implementation for the Floating Point is also right for the STM32F103, as it doesn't have any Floating Point Unit.

How did you set up the project? Did you just create a totally blank project, or did you use the project wizard to create a blank project for the STM32F103 including system header files and startup script?
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By ColdStart
yes...sorry for a second i was confused. yea right now im using f103 just for test.

i created totally blank project...but i guess thats what wizard does no?

File->new->C project then entering name of project, in the toolchains i see tollic arm tools.

then next, i see debug and release checked, then finish. now project created.

now i click on that project on the left, then go to Project->Properties, then to C/C++ Build, Settings. and set
Evaluation board: none,
Microcontroller family: STM32 high density devices
Microcontroller: STM32f103re
code location: FLASH

press Apply. it says that appropriate new linker script will be generated, i press ok. done, then press OK

on the left i see a Includes tree. thats it. now i just add simple main.c which has only this:
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//#include <stdio.h>
#include "stm32f10x.h"

int main () {
 // int i;
 // int n;

	//GPIOA->CRL = 0x0;

  while(1) ;
  return 0;

and then i see that error:
target CPU does not support ARM mode.

i wonder what did i miss?
By mindthomas
ColdStart wrote:i accidentally pressed SOLVED button, but problem still not solved :P
Well I have no problems at all.
I have just created a blank project for you and attached a zip-file with it.
You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.
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By ColdStart
ok i was doing wrong, i just had to choose new c project, and then embedded c project. it compiles now.

havent tested with board yet though.

thank you for advice.
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