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Everything ARM and LPC
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By leon_heller
I've got mine. There is a problem using the JTAG with the Rowley software, I'm trying to sort it out.
By seulater
Keep us posted, last time i ran into that was when the board did not give power to the JTAG.
for whats it worth.
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By leon_heller
It's not that. The LPC1768 is recognised by H-JTAG, using my own parallel port JTAG I/F, so it must be something that CrossWorks doesn't like. NGX actually uses H-JTAG for testing the boards and loading the demo software.
By rmteo1
An LPCXpresso with an LPC1700 is on the way
Hi All,
Besides mBed there are no pin compatible LPC1700 boards for the EA Base board yet. We're working hard on a LPC1700 LPCXpresso. So that one you can expect soon.

Kind regards,
- NXP European team -
By seulater
ok, well then i guess for now i can use the serial flash method.
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By leon_heller
I emailed Paul Curtis about it. He thought the problem might be due to me not actually creating a Cortex-M3 project. I'd tried that on my laptop, but I tried it again, on my desktop PC, and it worked! It was OK with my own parallel port Wiggler-alike, the CrossConnect Classic and the CrossConnect Pro. I then went back to my laptop and it worked this time. So, CrossWorks does work with the NGX LPC1768-H.
By sonoramark2
Don't forget the original 1768 LPCXPRESSO board from NXP
digikey 568-5101-ND
By stevech
I wish there was a No. America distributor for the NGX boards. Shipping 1ea is too expensive.
SFE: hint, hint.
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