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Everything ARM and LPC
By seulater
I would like to check out the LPC1768. I cannot seem to find a kit for < $200.
If any of you have seen a eval or kit for this part please post here.
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By leon_heller
The NXP mbed uses an LPC1768 and sells for $99. You have to use their web-based tools, though. NXP gave me one, it's very good.
By seulater
Thanks leon, i have one of them as well, but i need a board that i can get to most of the I/O of the part.
By SodaAnt
Not quite an LPC1768, but Olimex has a board based on the LPC1766 for 110 Euros.
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By leon_heller
For $100 or even less you could design your own board with exactly the features you need and get it made.
By seulater
true, but dont have the time to read the manual in enough detail to make the skiz & pcb packages, then lay the board out. I want to just slap on a couple components whip out some code to test its speed.
By mjbcswitzerland

Take a look at:

Here I took the Olimex LPC1766-STK (this has a Nokia color LCD, micro SD card socket etc. and not over-expensive).
It is very easy to move LPC2XXX projects to it (peripherals are highly compatible) - there is demo code there which runs the board as web server, displays stuff on the LCD and also serves web pages (long file name support etc.) from an SD card (as well as allowing data to be copied to it via FTP or managed via a DOS-like interface via TELNET or a UART).

The complete project is available as Beta version - including an LPC17XX simulator which allows all the above to be run in real-time on a PC without any hardware (also the SD card is simulated as explained in the user's guide below). Screen shot below.

Some new documents for the utFAT and uGLCDLIB parts used:
utFAT User's Guide
GLCD User's Guide

The new LPC1769 with 120MHz is of course one of the faster available in its class!



By SodaAnt
Thanks Mark. That board didn't show up when I originally did a Google search. Can't beat it for that price.
By seulater
Thanks, didnt kniow about it will have to order one, once i figure out what R's is for cost ;)
By ftsolutions
That Blueboard LPC1768 looks like too good of a deal to not give it a try - I've ordered one, too.
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