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By timm

I've purchased one of the Olimex LPC2106 boards and managed to dig up an 9VAC power supply for it as Olimex specifies on the board. I plugged the board in and saw the LED flashing, which seems to be a good thing. If I then plug in a Macraigor Wiggler, using the Rowley CrossStudio IDE, I am not able to see the device. This combination has worked before with another 2106-based demo board. Any idea from the Olimex folks about what is amiss here?

Olimex/Sparkfun: Please start a 2106 newsgroup for supporting these boards. I would appreciate any information you could supply for the above issue.


By Guest

Thank you for creating the new newsgroup.

I also tried the OCD Commander utility from Macraigor. At first, with the default JTAG speed, it did not connect either, but when I slowed the OCD Speed to 8 (8=slowest, 0=fastest), I could then communicate with the board. A help topic in OCD Commander seemed to imply something to do with the reset timing of the board. I have a request into Rowley as to whether the speed of the JTAG can be adjusted in CrossStudio (it appears not to be at first).


Tim Meese
Wiggler does bit bang communication so it's very dependant from the host computer speed.
Anyway I must ask one silly question: do you short DBGSEL jumper, i.e. do you enable your LPC2106 JTAG?
DBGSEL must be disconnected when program is run stand-alone i.e. you see the blinking led, but to use the JTAG you should enable it with shorten DBGSEL jumper
Best regards
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