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Everything ARM and LPC
By kubiajir
im trying to debugging LPC23xx processors with jtag + openocd + eclipse. Im wery missing SFR view. Is some way how to view them? Memory dump is no so ideal - hard to read :? .

By hsutherl
Seems like the answer to this must be no?

Odd that this doesn't get mentioned in the frequent good-natured free vs. commercial banter. It seems like a major point for the commercial advocates. (I'm on the free side myself, but not as strongly as I once was.)

Someone (hsutherl looks around: who, me?) should be able to hack Insight to get something like this functional. At least for a few of the more popular parts. Dunno re Eclipse - that is waaay beyond me.

Question: With the commercial tools, can you view the peripheral registers while stepping through your code with the debugger? Or does that only work with the simulator**?

Assuming the answer to the first question is yes: Are the commercial offerings all more or less equally complete and adept? Or is this a differentiator?

[**Very early on I was experimenting with both Keil and gnuarm/winarm. But frustration with a) include file incompatibility, b) old keil example projects that don't build with UV3, and c) large, opaque (to a newbie) config and makefiles led me to abandon keil before I bought a jtag interface.]
By tequilaguru
add -g3 to your compilation and you will be able to add them to the watch, be careful tho, viewing some register is equivalent to reading them in some cases, meaning some flags will be de-asserted by the read...
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