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By dan_spark
Hi Jared,

I've been struggling, with the same LCD you are using, to get images to display correctly. Could you post a picture of what the bmp.h image should look like? Do you know if the controller on the Nokia display still supports 8 bits/pixel? I know you are using the 12 bpp mode but thought I would ask anyhow.

I'm starting to think the latest release of these displays has a controller that dropped the support of 8 bpp.

Thanks in advance,

By jharvey
Sorry I'm actually quite ignorant about the LCD. I used the above posted copy from Sak1s titled LCD.rar. I see it has a bmp.h file, but I have no idea what it should look like or how to display it. I'm mostly interested in the LCD as a means of text display.

I just took a look, I see LCDWrite130x130bmp with a note that you should generate the bmp with Olimex BmpToArray.exe utility. I just tried it and I got a display that looks intentional, not random, or broken. A variety of colors and pico kind of image. I have no idea what is should have drawn, but id dit appear to be the bits from the bmp file.

I don't have an idea how one gets the BmpToArray program. I do see posted code for a BmpToArray program. Perhaps that will work.
By dan_spark

I also figured the bmp.h image was correct with the various overlapping color bars. I'm not trying to find the program that converts images (probably found on the olimex site), really just looking to see if anyone has been able to use the 8 bits/pixel format with the screen.

It looks like that mode may have been dropped with the latest controllers.

Thanks for your reply.
By nikosuoa

I've been trying to get the lcd screen to work on the LPC2378-STK, I am using the Eclipse/GCC environment with the "blinky" project working as it should.

The links in the previous posts are old and do not work anymore, so if anyone could help with some new links with eclipse projects for the lcd or anything more advanced from the blinky it will be great!

There are full sets of sample projects for the IAR EW and Keil IDEs, but I cannot find out how to make my arm-usb-tiny jtag programmer to work with them or how to at least get the compiled .bin file flashed using the eclipse's configuration...

Thanks in advance for your help!
By dev1211
Dear all,

I am new to arm processors and embedded systems. I have purchased an lpc2378-stk kit. i have tried doing everything possible to run the lcd. The lcd has GE 8 sticker. pls write a simple c program for me displaying some text like abcd...i want to know the details of ssp control registers especially the ssp0cro and ssp0cr1 values. also i have understood that if we write any values to data register, it will automatically transmit serially. also that values has to be hexa equivalent of ascii values of characters. all my questions can be answered by writing a small program for me pls. i request your help pls. thanks.
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