LPC1768+ USB-Stick + VS1053b

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LPC1768+ USB-Stick + VS1053b

Post by HeinrichG » Sun Apr 22, 2012 10:08 am

Hello together,

here I would like to introduce my project.

I've got this board: board, then this vs1053 breakout board: vs1053 As debugger I'm using lpc-link from LPCXpresso board.

First of all, I soldered out the microSD slot from the board to able to connect vs1053 break out board.

The project contains:
-> CMSIS v2
-> USB host driver (comming from NXP)
-> USB mass storage class (comming from NXP)
-> fat32 file system (FatFS version R0.09 adapted to using usb)
-> vs1053 patch 1.95 + flac
-> SPFD5408 driver (lcd)

Next steps are:
-> scan for files on usb-stick (incl. subfolders)
-> navigation with joystick and touch screen
-> tags extraction for MP3, FLAC and Ogg files.

And the some add-ons for vs1053:
-> activate I²S
-> connect cirrus cs8421 upsample ic to upsample 96kHz to 192kHz
-> dac: 2x wm8741 in dual differential mode
-> ad797 opamps as output filter to each wm8741

WM8741 should run in software control mode, so I²C.

Here are some pics:



The project is uploaded on my svn-server, so if you are interested in source code, I can provide url of them.
Kind regards,

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Re: LPC1768+ USB-Stick + VS1053b

Post by e135193 » Mon Oct 01, 2012 1:26 am

Hello Heinrich

Could you share your code ?


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