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I am making a control project with this motor but the datasheet does not seem to have the parameters commonly used to make simple mathematical models. Is it possible for Sparkfun to provide me with at least the following approximate parameters?

J: moment of inertia ,kg.m^2
b: motor viscous frictino constant,N.m.s
Ke: electromotive force constant,V/rad/sec
Kt: motor torque constant, N.m/Amp
R : electric resistance, ohm
L: electric inductance, H
Hi psolerpo,

Unfortunately, we do not have that information available for this motor. This is a simple hobby motor you find in RC toys and similar items. The only information we have available for this and all other motors SparkFun carries can be found on their respective product pages and in some cases, a related Hookup Guide or Tutorial. All data sheets and other documentation can be found in the "Documents" tab on the product page. Here is the spec sheet we have from the manufacturer of the Hobby Motor.

I apologize we do not have the specifications you are looking for for this motor. Let us know if you have any other questions about this motor and we would be happy to help as much as we can.