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I hope someone can help, I am trying to get the SparkFun Servo Trigger to go from only moving 90 degrees to moving 180 degrees. I don't know how to program so I was wondering if there is a easy way to make this happen?

Thank you In advance.

Sadly, there isn't an easy way to modify the board for 180 degree operation. 90 degrees was originally chosen to prevent folks from accidentally driving their servo beyond it's physical limits and damaging the servo.

Unfortunately the only way to change this would be to modify the firmware source, compile it into a HEX file, and then upload that new HEX file to the board with a device programmer. I wouldn't call this 'easy' for most people though as it involves both programming and using a dedicated programmer connected to the Servo Trigger along with all the software and utilities needed to do those steps.

Perhaps in the future we will offer a 180 degree version, but for now you're stuck with 90 degrees unless you can program.
Also, this is untested and I don't have instructions for burning this file into the Servo Trigger, but I believe the file below should convert your 90 degree Servo Trigger to 180 degree operation. If you can find someone that knows how to burn this to the Servo Trigger, I think it will do what you are looking for.
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Hi thank you for sending this through, I have hound someone that can burn this on for me but they have asked for the instructions of how to do it on this, where would I find this? Thanks
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Thank you for your help, as I said I have found someone to flash it for me but they have asked for the current firmware that is on it just incase he bricks it, does anyone have this please.


Chris Morton
Hi Chris.

The attached file is a copy of the original firmware and you can use that to set the board back to factory defaults if need be. :-)
You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.