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By zhale
I'm hoping to track down a specific part which was discontinued by Sparkfun. My company sourced the GPS-11058 a few years ago for a new product but it's end of life has come. I found a few listings online but their stock counts turned out to be inaccurate.

As you can see from this photo, the product relies on the GPS form factor quite a bit. I'd rather source the exact part for now instead of rushing a design change. Image

If anyone has any or knows where I can buy them, please send me a message. I need at least 8 and can pay for each one plus extra for your time.

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By TS-Mark
Hi zhale,

Unfortunately, I am not sure where you would be able to find that retired GPS module. The Venus638FLPx module went End of Life so we retired that part in November of last year. It may be difficult to find the Venus638FLPx but SkyTraq does have a new module that could work in its place, the Venus838FLPx. You could theoretically use the design files on the retired product page or the design recommendations in the above datasheet to build a replacement board like darrellg mentioned.

The only other, last-ditch, option would be to search for that breakout from one of our distributors but since it has been over six months since that board was retired, our distributors have most likely sold through their stock as well.
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By zhale
Thank you both for the response. I did previously consider using the design files to manufacture my own boards, but even the newer Venus838FLPx chip is unavailable at most distributors, and the added development time defeats the purpose of sticking with our old design. I've been searching distributor websites and so far I haven't had any luck. Since finding a distributor is unlikely, right now I'm offering to pay full retail price ($50) + shipping/handling to any person who currently owns any.

I think buying secondhand is my best bet right now. If anyone knows a more appropriate place to post about this please let me know.