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Hi everyone,

i have a HTU21D-F humidity and temperature sensor. I want to take data from this sensor on I2C and transformed to UART with SC16IS750 breakout board. And i want to see this signal on oscilloscope.I've tried this before, and i saw just a straight line on the oscilloscope.By the way i didn't use any microcontroller. I used power supply. Anyboy try this before?
Thanks for posting your question in the forums!

Unfortunately you can't just connect these two devices together and get a serial output. You'd need a microcontroller connected to both to pull data from the HTU12D and then send that data to the SC16IS750 to convert it to serial. Since most small microcontrollers have a UART built into them, it would probably be easier to skip the SC16IS750 altogether and just use the UART on the microcontroller instead.