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By dkelly79
Is there an easy way to use this RTC module to timestamp the arrival of a sensor measurement (date+time) to high precision, like microseconds or better? In other words, is there a library command that allows me to grab an accurate timestamp at any time (not just on even second increments)? Thanks!
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By TS-Mark
Hi dkelly79,

I'm afraid the RV-1805 will not be capable of that precise of timing measurements and we do not have any other RTC modules that would be capable of that precision. The smallest increment the RV-1805 can achieve is hundredths of a second per the datasheet. For microsecond precision, you are probably going to need a scientific-grade RTC. I am not sure where you would be able to find one, unfortunately.
By dkelly79
Thanks. I believe I can get very accurate timestamping with some of the GPS libraries out there, but I have cases where I'll not have GPS avail so was hoping I could do it with this RTC.

Bit of a pain, but suppose I could take 1 sec interrupts from the RTC and then start a microsecond timer using micros() at each interrupt, but not sure if that'll really be accurate.