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Hello everyone!
I'm really newbie on this field as this is my first project and the qwiic really helpful to build it.
I have several question about connecting the gps to m5stack via it's grove port.

a. The M5stack grove port is 5V instead 3V3. Does the Qwiic bus on GPS-RTK2 has 3.3V regulator?
b. Is it okay to connect the qwiic 3V3 pin to 3V3 on M5stack side Header? (it is an ESP32 and i think the logic level is the same with GPS of 3.3v)
c. Or i need some i2c logic level converter?

I've been looking the explanation on some cases of another 3V3 module, but i think it is better to make sure first in sparkfun forum.
Thank you for the reply!

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Hi udangpindang,

The Qwiic connector on the GPS-RTK2 does not have a regulator on it as it taps into the 3.3V rail after the voltage regulator for USB power. If you intend to power the board via a 3.3V input, make sure that it is a very clean and regulated supply as anything above 3.6V will damage the ZED-F9P module. The board does have pull-up resistors for the I2C lines so you will not need to worry about logic level translation unless you have other I2C devices on the same bus that operate at different logic levels (eg. 5V).

I cannot say for certain whether or not it will work with the M5 Stack since we do not carry that product but with the right connections, it should work with no issue. Just make sure to run everything at 3.3V.