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By pcomphndlr
Recently purchased a RedBoard Qwiic and went through the installation process (34x drivers etc) but unable to get the board working. Tried with multiple USB cables and different systems. Only the power light seems to work. Unable to upload any sketch.
The older generation Redboard (mini-USB) works fine.
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By TS-Chris
Hello, and thanks for posting!

Sorry to hear you're having troubles.
  • Do you get a new USB serial port in the Tools/Port menu after plugging in the board or is it the same with the board plugged in and not plugged in?
  • What error are you receiving when you try to upload and what board type do you have selected in the IDE?
  • Does the blue '13' LED flash a few times when you press the reset button?
It could be something simple as a bad driver on your computer or it could be a bad CH340 chip or something wrong with the bootloader. Let me know the answers to those questions and that should narrow down the problem.