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Would tech support be able to supply board outlines with hole sizes and locations in DXF format? I am looking at the:
  • Qwiic OpenLog
  • Qwiic RTC
  • SerLCD 2x16
I appreciate that you supply the Eagle files, but I don't have Eagle and getting IT to install unapproved software can be a pain. Actually, as you release new boards and devices, releasing a STEP for us CAD users (the documents section of your product information pages would be perfect) would be greatly appreciated when integrating your product into mechanical design.

Thank you for any help you can provide.
Thanks for posting Aaron.

Unfortunately I don't have DXF or STEP files for those products. We're just started including a mechanical drawing on new products last week (like this one) but it will take some time to go back and create drawings for older products. Unfortunately, you're going to need Eagle to get dimensions on a product that was released before September 20th 2019.

We don't have Eagle files for our 16x2 SerLCDs, but a mechanical drawing can be found here.