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I took a look at the Qwiic_Py package in Github that was just announced today.
I have written some ibraries written in CircuitdPython for some Qwiic sensors and it looks like a relatively simple "lift and shift" process to convert them to Qwiic_Py. But I haven't found any documentation on how to contribute them once this conversion is done.

Can someone point me to the documentation on the process for contributing a new sub-module to the Qwiic_Py package on github?

Many Thanks,
Hi Gaston,

We do not really have any documentation for this process at the moment. I spoke with some of our Engineering team who worked on that repository and they suggested to just file an Issue on the main repo you want to convert to Qwiic_Py. It's not ideal but that will at least get you in direct contact with the folks who manage that repository.