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Using the sensors of AS7265x spectral triad, i have made i2c connections with ESP8266. But the values i'm getting is tooo raw data. i am currently unable to understand what the function 's.getCalibratedA();' gives as its result. What do the values A till L and R till W actuallly mean?
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By TS-Chris
Hi Tarun.

While I can't explain how the code works to you, I can tell you that each letter represents a specific frequency of light. If you look in the hookup guide, there's a chart (also below) that tells what wavelength of light each letter represents.

For example, a higher reading for A, means you're detecting more light at 410nm and a lower reading means you're detecting less. By recording how much light the sensor is detecting at each wavelength, you can recognize an object by the light it's reflecting. A pencil and banana are both yellow, but each will reflect different intensities of each wavelength of light so you could tell the difference between the two.