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By ChiefGeek63
One thing I have always wanted is to replace the Redboard barrel power connecter with terminal blocks.

I've used the barrel power connector to terminal device (PRT-10287), but it's too large and looks like crap. Additionally with this device it seems easier for the device to fall out due to vibration.

I want the solid connection of a terminal block.

Does anybody know of a connecter where I can desolder the Redboard barrel power connector and replace it with something that has the same footprint but with terminal blocks?

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By TS-Chris
Hi John.

Unfortunately I'm not aware of a terminal block that would have the same footprint as the barrel jack connector on the RedBoard. What I'd recommend if you don't want to plug in a barrel jack to the board would be to solder a short pigtail to the positive and negative pads on the existing barrel jack and then connect your terminal block to those wires.
The picture below shows which pads to use.
A connection like this might work for you.
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