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By noisyband

I have been using the Sunny Buddy to prototype. It is an excellent product. Thank you!

Now we are moving to design our own PCB that incorporates the Sunny Buddy circuit.

The Eagle files are helpful, but left me with a question.
What is the package of the inductor? All I see is that is rated 68uH, 1A. Is NDUC 09739 the package? If so, then is there another name for this package? Because I do not see it as an option in Digikey or Mouser. Thank you!
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By TS-Chris
Hi noisyband.

NDUC 09739 is just our internal part number for this inductor and I don't know that this part has a package name. You can find the data sheet for it here and that might be helpful. At the very least, you can create your own part in your CAD software with this data. :-)

Hope this helps, and good luck with your design!