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In the description of this part (PRT-14765) it states:
"What makes this Logic level converter truly special is the fact that you can supply it with 3.3V and it will create the 5V"
But the stencil on the PCB shows that you can give it 3-5.5V, and that suggest that as long as you are within this voltage range, you will get both 3.3V and 5V of output. Is this a correct assumption?
Hello there;

I just got one of these and when I hooked up 4.9 volts to VIN and GND on the upper left it immediately smoked. Nothing else was hooked up. I confirmed the polarity and voltage of the power both before and after. I need bi-directional level conversion and power is only available from the +5 side. I have another one but I'm afraid of trying it lest I smoke that one as well. I read the hookup guide and nothing indicated I had to do anything else to make it go. Am I missing something? Thanks!