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I am attempting to perform a CCD operation on a Pixelbook. I am definitely in developer mode and have verified that the CCD mode is `Opened`. However, plugging in the SuzyQCable to the left port of the Pixelbook (with the right side attached to the same device via a USB-A to USB-C adapter) does not result in any USB devices appearing in the `/dev` directory, even after flipping cable over. The computer is recognizing the SuzyQCable as a "slow charger." I am trying to isolate possible causes of this problem, including the possibility that the cable is defective.

Here are the directions that I'm following:
Hi shayyadin,

I am curious if the issue is related to the USB-A to USB-C adapter and it either not having data lines connected or simply the data lines are damaged/loose. Are you able to connect the Type-A side of the SuzyQable to another device and the USB-C to your CCD debug port on the Pixelbook? That would help eliminate the possibility of the adapter being the problem here.

A quick search turned up a somewhat similar issue using the SuzyQable with a Pixelbook here with some troubleshooting suggestions but since your device is not appearing and disappearing suddenly, that might not relate to your issue.

I think eliminating the USB-A to USB-C adapter will be a good first step to identify where things are breaking down.