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By Xriva18707
I’ve experienced ‘ this ‘ on numerous types of ‘ Arduino ‘ boards.
When the board is new and has never been used, the computer sees it sitting in bootloader state and loads drivers. Great !

But once the board has been used ( sketch uploaded ) then it no longer stays in bootloader long enough for a 2nd computer to ID it and load drivers. Darn !

Is there something I can do when needing to load drivers onto a 2nd computer, but I don’t have an unused board ?

To date I’ve been keeping a unused board for this purpose.
Thank you
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By TS-Chris
On most boards, the bootloader only runs for a second at power up or when you try to upload code and then whatever sketch is on the board takes over.
What board are you using? It's possible to get some boards into a state where you 'brick' them but it's recoverable with the correct procedure.