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hi !

i’m building a wall-e robot and i hit a problem… my servos for the head are really strong and fast…. too fast…
i use a RV2060MG JX servo that is working on 6v… i use a flysky FS-CT6B transmitter

what can i add or do to reduce the speed of the servo… i tried a servo speed reducer from dave’s r/c electronics it works but it either too fast or too slow…

any suggestions or products ?

You might try lowering the voltage the servo is running at. That should slow it down.

The only other way I can think of to slow the servo down would be to change how you're sending data to it. Rather than commanding 0 degrees and then 180, go from 0 to 5, wait a bit, then go from 5 to 10 and so on. By changing the length of time you wait, you can control how fast the servo rotates.
If you are using the Arduino dev environment, there is an example sketch included in the Arduino environment that demonstrates servo speed control.

File > Examples > Servo > Sweep

Changing the delay values in the loops will change the sweep speed.