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Re: New to Electronics, Any fun beginner project ideas?

 by follower ¦  Mon Apr 19, 2010 3:43 am ¦  Forum: SparkFun Product Questions ¦  Topic: New to Electronics, Any fun beginner project ideas? ¦  Replies: 4 ¦  Views: 685

You could create a simple reaction tester game with a button, microcontroller, battery clip and some LEDs. You could create an initial prototype using through-hole parts and then move onto SMD--if you used an Arduino it's a good way to get started. I've done a similar project before as my first expe...

Re: SMD part organisation/storage and inventory program

 by follower ¦  Thu Apr 15, 2010 2:22 am ¦  Forum: SparkFun Product Questions ¦  Topic: SMD part organisation/storage and inventory program ¦  Replies: 3 ¦  Views: 668

I keep a list of parts I have on my personal lab notebook/wiki.

I use a lightly modified version of pwyky.

My parts list isn't public but if you want to see pwyky in action you can check out:


Re: WiFly GSX Breakout - DHCP issue

 by follower ¦  Tue Apr 06, 2010 12:07 am ¦  Forum: Wireless/RF ¦  Topic: WiFly GSX Breakout - DHCP issue ¦  Replies: 7 ¦  Views: 4575

Great, pleased you've both got things working again. :) Thanks for updating the thread with what has worked.


Re: WiFly GSX Breakout - DHCP issue

 by follower ¦  Mon Apr 05, 2010 7:11 am ¦  Forum: Wireless/RF ¦  Topic: WiFly GSX Breakout - DHCP issue ¦  Replies: 7 ¦  Views: 4575

Given that the other odd WiFly behaviour that's been mentioned on the forums recently was apparently solved with a factory reset you might want to try that.


Re: Images Errors

 by follower ¦  Sun Apr 04, 2010 11:46 pm ¦  Forum: SparkFun Site Questions/Comments ¦  Topic: Images Errors ¦  Replies: 4 ¦  Views: 1196

Can you provide more information (Operating system version, Chrome version etc)?

I've just tried the images on ... ts_id=9654 with Chrome 5.0.342.7 beta on OS X 10.5 and it worked for me.


Re: WiFly GSX Breakout - DHCP issue

 by follower ¦  Sun Apr 04, 2010 11:41 pm ¦  Forum: Wireless/RF ¦  Topic: WiFly GSX Breakout - DHCP issue ¦  Replies: 7 ¦  Views: 4575


Are you able to view the logs on your Access Point to see if it provides an error message and/or indicates that the WiFly has connected?


Re: WiFly Shield port

 by follower ¦  Thu Apr 01, 2010 12:35 am ¦  Forum: Wireless/RF ¦  Topic: WiFly Shield port ¦  Replies: 6 ¦  Views: 946

Hi Adam,

razorbud wrote:The problem that I am having is that it wont change from port 2000 to port 80 for web browser connections!
Can you please describe what happens when you try to connect?

Does it work with port 80 when you use telnet?


Re: Simple parts inventory program? (free or opensource)

 by follower ¦  Mon Mar 15, 2010 12:02 am ¦  Forum: SparkFun Site Questions/Comments ¦  Topic: Simple parts inventory program? (free or opensource) ¦  Replies: 21 ¦  Views: 39982

It looks like Octopart have some tools that might be useful for this:


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