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Re: esp32Thing crashes.

 by DonTelescope ¦  Sat Dec 08, 2018 7:49 am ¦  Forum: Wireless/RF ¦  Topic: esp32Thing crashes. ¦  Replies: 5 ¦  Views: 699

The wifi part of the second board is now defunct. The esp32Thing executes code, it doesn't crash but I can no longer connect to the WIFI. It had been working just fine. I was debugging other circuits on the board so I was ignoring this board for a few weeks, it just sat there waiting for somebody to...

Re: esp32Thing crashes.

 by DonTelescope ¦  Sat Sep 22, 2018 4:27 pm ¦  Forum: Wireless/RF ¦  Topic: esp32Thing crashes. ¦  Replies: 5 ¦  Views: 699

I am providing 5V to pin 2 on the header which is VUSB-RAW. I was using the spark fun real time clock module BOB-12708 which uses the DS1307. I do have a logic level converter. Software communication used wifi.h I rewrote my application and removed the dependence on the RTC. I took out wifi.h Now my...

Re: esp32Thing crashes.

 by DonTelescope ¦  Mon Aug 27, 2018 1:25 pm ¦  Forum: Wireless/RF ¦  Topic: esp32Thing crashes. ¦  Replies: 5 ¦  Views: 699

Today 8/27 tried new board. This is how a printed circuit installation with a robust power supply (5.13V).
It ran for one hour and 13 minutes before it hung. Frustrating.

esp32Thing crashes.

 by DonTelescope ¦  Tue Aug 07, 2018 1:50 pm ¦  Forum: Wireless/RF ¦  Topic: esp32Thing crashes. ¦  Replies: 5 ¦  Views: 699

During my application development the esp32 Thing would crash. I was powering it from the USB port on my computer. I thought is was a power brownout problem so I built a battery powered regulated 5.0v supply with and lm317 which could easily deliver 1amp. Things seemed to work better, didn't concern...

Arduino Micro to BlueSmirf Serial Completion

 by DonTelescope ¦  Wed Apr 20, 2016 6:55 am ¦  Forum: Arduino ¦  Topic: Arduino Micro to BlueSmirf Serial Completion ¦  Replies: 0 ¦  Views: 375

I have the Ardino Pro Micro connected via Serial1 to a BlueSmirf bluetooth modem. The bluetooth modem connects to a Sky Safari application on and Andriod Tablet. I can for diagnostics purposes send and receive with the IDE Serial Monitor via the USB Serial port. I can manage the setting on the BlueS...